Dream Sequences Two by Margarida Almeida


Margarida Almeida (b.1998, Portugal) holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts specialised in the field of Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the university of Porto (2016-2020) She is currently doing an MA in Art Critics in the same institution. She has done several solo and collective exhibitions and won two honourable mentions in 2021. Her work is developed between painting and collage, where she often appropriates materials with some type of intervention. The use of collage is related to its affinity to life itself and to the transformative cycles of nature.

‘Dream Sequences Two’ is the second series of paintings IOTA has listed from Margarida. These paintings explore dreamlike and poetic universes through the use of suggestive and semi-abstract forms, allowing the viewer to enter the small dream windows and project their own desires, passions or fears. The use of collage and the overlapping of elements also creates rough and heterogeneous surfaces, giving the image a tactile sensation.

Framed in solid oak

Artwork 20 x 14cm
Framed 29 x 23cm

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