Tree Under The Moon by Ranga J Studio


Calcutta based, Ranga J Studio is made up of brother and sister due Amitjyoti and Jyotirmoyee Barman. Working together as siblings brings disagreements and compromises in their work and they feel this creates a powerful collage of responses. 


This series of portraits created for IOTA explores how our personal space resonates with the complex information we deal with on a daily basis creating a rather dreamlike and surreal space.


Amittiyoti and Jyotirmoyee have used multiple layers of watercolour, this process is very time consuming. Every layer of colour is thoroughly washed and dried before the next is applied. This continues until the desired temperament is achieved. This unique technique was often used by Bengal Masters Like Abanendranath Tagore, a huge inspiration to the siblings. 


A4 – Unframed.

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