Jason & The Argonauts Story Vase no.2 by Ella Bua-In


Ella’s ceramics are made to be tactile and imperfect, they have been made to be handled and loved. Each piece is unique from the brush strokes on it’s surface to it’s physical quirks. I believe art should tell stories be that in the piece itself or in the memories you build around it.

Ella has made an enchanting series of two ‘Story Vases’ taking inspiration from one of her favourite Greek myths – ‘Jason & The Argonauts’ This vase shows the scene when the dragon guards the fleece on the tree in Colchis.

Each Story Vase is a unique form and a unique design which she will not replicate. They are hand-built from stoneware clay and finished in a matte white glaze.

Approx 27cm hight 20cm diameter

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