Horse Box by Ania Grajek


Ania Grajek, an Edinburgh-based artist with European influences. Fascinated by the grey area between the uncomfortable and the enchanting, Ania’s works are characterised by their original, often humorous approach. Her pieces feature very human objects such as fingers, teeth and faces, all playfully painted onto handmade ceramics. This collection is a little different and 100% of the sale will fund some very crucial grassroots action during the crisis in Ukraine.

Ania’s involvement was fuelled by not being able to stomach the news. A month ago a group of people flew out to Germany and went to the Polish-Ukrainian border to collect twenty-five refugees and driving them to safe accommodation in Berlin. She saw a lot of fear, exhaustion and desperation at the border. Returning two weeks later to scope out the visa application process, talk to the home office and refugees first hand about the obstacles that they were facing. She has continue to fundraise and now focusses on refugees most struggling to get out, and supporting services for the psychological treatment of trauma and wartime sexual violence.

So 100% of sales from this selection of work will go towards helping people displaced and traumatised by war.

Please note all of Ania’s plates are considered artworks and non functional tableware.

Approx 20cm x 29cm

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