Mexican Terracotta Cup


Handmade in Mexico by a small community, where the tradition is for women to pick the clay from the local mountains. The pieces are fired with firewood in a brick oven, without use of oil, gas or electricity.
The colour of the clay is natural and it is given by the mixture of clay and stone powder from the same region.
The pieces are burnished, this is an ancient technique which is about polishing the pieces with a hard stone like quartz, this process closes the pores of the clay making it watertight and creates a unique shine and soft texture without any glaze added.
To create a special and vibrant colour as well as unique shine the pieces are showered in liquid beeswax, creating a very thin cover that penetrates the first layers of the clay, to add an extra watertight layer without changing the taste of your food and it is resistant to boiling liquids.

Approx 6cm

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