Handprinted drypoint etching ‘Soak and Steam’ by Annie Hutchinson


Handprinted drypoint etching – framed

Blue ink on Fabriano paper

Printed area 10 x 14.5 cm approx

Paper size 21 x 29.7 cm approx

Signed, titled and dated

A drypoint etching is a type of ‘intaglio’ printmaking whereby an image is engraved into a printing plate using a sharp utensil. Ink is then rubbed into the plate and then the surface is wiped leaving only ink in the grooves of the drawing. The etched, inked plate is passed through a printing press with a damp sheet of paper. The moisture attracts the ink from the grooves creating a reverse impression of the etching on the paper. This method can be repeated to make multiple prints with each one having subtle variations from the next.

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