Spexhall in Murano Glass by Mahn House


These candles are brought to you by Suffolk based candle makers, Mahn House. These particular candle were made in beautiful Murano glassware. Each glass is mouth blown in Italy according to the ancient traditional method of glass processing. Once your candle has burned through it can be repurposed as a Murano drinking glass, simply wipe out the remaining wax with kitchen roll and wash with hot soapy water.



Spexhall, Santal 26 is a nostalgic scent capturing warmth through a spicy blend of sandalwood and patchouli leading to an aromatic heart of eucalyptus, pine and violet leaving a rich trail of frankincense and cedarwood. 270G | Net Wt. 465G.



The wax itself is made from natural coconut and rapeseed 
to ensure a longer, cleaner and more sustainable burn than the paraffin wax alternative.

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