Super King Double Sided, Hand Stitched Bed Quilt by RaasLeela


RaasLeela follows sustainability as a lifestyle by repairing, conserving and consuming less and following eco-friendly practices . It is a solution-driven brand. Every design, material, and the process is chosen thoughtfully that serves as a purpose rather than making “Just Beautiful” products. RaasLeela focuses on making a difference – in consuming resources, in reviving crafts, in providing an inclusive growth to people who are connected with the brand.



Each product made by RaasLeela is crafted using the age-old technique old hand sewing from Gujarat. Be it pockets, seams, embellishments, buttons, strings, and their name label. It is a token of pride for their brand to create such products that revive and rejuvenate this beautiful craft that has been forgotten and provides employment to skilled home-based women. The entire team defines RaasLeela as “A happy family”. They have a culture, where togetherness is celebrated while they work.



IOTA is honoured to be working with such a beautiful organisation and brings a selection of wonderful pieces from all the way from Ahmedabad, India.



Superking – 100% Cotton


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