“Up on the Doorstep” A Series by Kirsty Lackie – Flower powre


Kirsty Lackie is a Glasgow based artist. She completed her BA (Hons) in Communication Design at The Glasgow School of Art in 2018, and since graduating has been developing her painting practice. She has created this playful series of miniature paintings for IOTA, see them as small tokens of her work if you will. We imagine these in oversized frames hidden in little corners, a surprise for the eyes once they catch your gaze.


Kirsty Lackie says “ A touch of the surreal, a poetic sharpness, often simply a thought inspired by the awkwardness of everyday encounters. Over the years I’ve found my work moving into those sorts of areas most. A sense of my own guilt hangs over many pieces, and I try and rail against it with humour or temper or something rebellious. A sense of my womanhood often appears, as does routine, as does indulgence and decadence too. But the work can only be really understood by the work, it says what it is, in the most succinct way possible. ”


Oil pastel and charcoal on paper

Approx 24,5cm x 20cm

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